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aRO - Middle East

Brazil - bRO: Odin

Brazil - bRO: Thor

Europe - euRO

France - fRO

Indonesia - idRO: Thor - Legend - Fnc - Hearoes

International - iRO: Loki Classic

International - iRO: Sakray

International - iRO: Ymir/Yggdrasil/Valkyrie

Japan - jRO: Verdandi

Korea - kRO: Sakray

Korea - kRO: Sara/Rangidis/Thanatos


Malaysia - mRO: freyia - carnival

Malaysia - mRO: Poring King

Malaysia - mRO: Prontera Free Server

Philippines - pRO: New Chaos

Philippines - pRO: NewLoki

Philippines - pRO: Sakray

Philippines - pRO: Valhalla

Philippines - pRO: Valkyrie


Russia - rRO

Taiwan - twRO: All (Prontera)

Taiwan - twRO: Free (ChaosFree, irisFree)

Taiwan - twRO: Free (Devil Poring, Angel Poring)

Taiwan - twRO: Free (Moonlight, Picky, Baphomet, Poring, Goblin)

Taiwan - twRO: Free (Poring King, Devil Poring King)

Taiwan - twRO: Free (Rainbow bridge)

Taiwan - twRO: Paid (Chaos, Iris)

Taiwan - twRO: Sakray

Thailand - tRO Free life server (Alice(new), Poring)

Thailand - tRO Free life server (Yoyo, Picky)

Thailand - tRO Main server (Norse)

Xkore 2


Happy Botting :))))


Click Here to Download:

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