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The file consolecolors.txt allows you to customize the colors used to highlight messages in the console.

Thereis one required configuration option in this file that should appear atthe first line (excluding comments and empty lines):


useColors <flag>

useColors enables or disables console colors. Set to 1 to enable, or 0 to disable.

This file has four possible sections that correspond to the type of messages printed in the console. The four message types are:

message - normal message.

warning - warning message. It warns the user that a possible non-fatal error has occured or will occur.

error- error message. It tells the user that a non-recoverable error hasoccured. A "non-recoverable error" could either be a fatal error, or anerror that prevents the program from performing an action the userrequested.

debug - debugging message.

Each section may contain one or more lines that observes the following syntax.


<message domain> <foreground>/<background>


This is the name of the domain (message group) whose color you want tocustomize. You can find out the corresponding domain name of certainmessages by setting the config.txt option showDomain to 1. You can set the default color for all domains other than the ones you already specified by using the keyword "default".


This is a color keyword that specifies the foreground color of a message. Valid color keywords include: black, grey (or gray), darkgrey (or darkgray), white, red, darkred, green, darkgreen, yellow, brown, blue, darkblue, magenta, darkmagenta, cyan, darkcyan, and default. The default foreground color (and the actual colors) may vary with each interface.


This is a color keyword that specifies the background color of a message. Valid color keywords are the same as those defined in . The default background color (and the actual colors) may vary with each interface.

Note. Lines that begin with the pound sign (#) are comment lines. They are ignored by Openkore.


In the example below,


useColors 1



attackMon blue

attacked darkred


schat yellow/darkgreen



default magenta messages

when you attack a monster will be shown in blue text, while messageswhen a monster attacks you will be in dark red. System messages will beshown in yellow text over a dark green background. And debug messageswill be shown in magenta.


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