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I used open core for one night on my main character with no problems and the next day on my merchant. After that I changed it for my wifes account so that her acolyte could be botted and that one works great. But if I try and go back to my my account, it gets me all the way to the charcter selection and none of the characters are mine.
































































































































































































--------- Servers ----------

#   Name                  Users  IP              Port

0   Ymir_VIP              718   4500

1   Yggdrasil_New_Open    689  4500

2   Valkyrie_Open         2172   4500


Closing connection to Account Server

Disconnecting (

Server 1 selected

Connecting to Character Server...

Connecting ( connected

Received characters from Character Server

------------- Character List -------------

Slot 0: aster (Novice, level 0/0)

Slot 26795:  (Novice, level 465/0)

Slot 33479:  (Novice, level 0/0)


------------ Character selection ------------

#   Choice

0   Slot 0: aster (Novice, level 0/0)

1   Slot 26795:  (Novice, level 465/0)

2   Slot 33479:  (Novice, level 0/0)

3   Create a new character

4   Delete a character


Please choose a character or an action.


Enter your answer:

Ya, something there isn't quite right here. Can someone help out please?




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